FAQs for Germany

1. What are the steps to get a job in Germany as a staff nurse?

    Once your C.V is accepted by the employer in Germany, we shall arrange your online interview with them. If offered by the employer, the Nurse needs to start training for and pass the German language B1 level. Once the nurse passes the B1 level exam, your application pack will be submitted to the German Nursing Council for competency checking. Most of the BSc nurses with clinical experience, usually meet competency criteria. Once that is done the employer will be provide the nurse with a sponsorship letter to apply for the Visa. The employer will provide a contract which is subject to condition that the nurse passes the language exam (language).

    After reaching Germany you need to complete the language B2 level and until then work as an assistant nurse.

    After completing B2 level you will get full registration and start working as a Registered nurse

2. Which exam do I need to pass to get a job in Germany?

    A Nurse needs to complete the B1 level of German language to place their application for assessment to the German Nursing Council.

    However, to work as a Registered Nurse you need to complete the B2 level. Nurses can complete B2 level in Germany. However, if you wish to, you can pass the exam in India before leaving for Germany.

    If the nurse passes B2 (in India) plus obtains the approval from the nursing council she can work from day 1 as an RN

3. Is German language mandatory to work in German?

    Yes, it is. Without language no job or visa

4. Can I attend the interview without clearing the language test?

    Yes, you can. However, the offer letter will be provisional and will become effective once you pass the B-1 level German exam in India.

5. Is the course centre available near to my location?

    German language courses are usually available in all major cities with various training institutes. You can find one provide German language in your city.

    There are also online trainings available

6. How much Work Gap is acceptable?

    Recent gap up to a year. But must have previous experience of a year or two. The more experience the easier they pass assessment.

7. Is this interview for Govt. Hospital or for a nursing home?

    Currently our positions are only in Nursing Homes.

8. Which all specialties are accepted in Germany?

    Our client provides job in Nursing Homes. If you have experience in any specialty except Gynae/ Neonatal and Peads, you are eligible to apply for this job.

9. Will they accept a specialty experienced nurse (PICU/NICU/OT/CATH LAB/PSYCHIATRY/OBG) to work in Nursing home?

    No. These specialties maybe accepted, if you have previously worked in other specialties like Wards, ICU, HDU etc.

10. Are there any exams that need to be cleared or any adaptation to be done after Assesment of my file by the nursing council in Germany.?

    The Nursing council in Germany will assess your qualifications, Transcripts and experience.

    It is only after the assessment of your file will you know if you are approved as such or if any additional training or exam is required to be passed. Each nurses' file is assessed separately. In addition to the training hours in each subject, your hours in clinical experience and type of experience are all evaluated to arrive at this decision.

    Only if your assessment by the nursing council states, you may have to complete a short competency training course.

11. Will the agency help me in Registration process?

    Yes, we and our partners in Germany will guide you through the process.

12. How long will it take to finish the Registration process?

    There are two stages. The first could take up 6 months after you have passed B-1 in India.

    After this stage you will travel to Germany and work as an Assistant nurse.

    The final stage is in Germany when you pass B-2 and your final assessment will take place at this stage. This too may take up to 6 months.

    The nurses are permitted to have up to 18 months' time to do B2 test and (if necessary) test for assessment – they can reappear once.

13. What all are the required documents for the process for Germany?

    Once you are start the process we shall keep updating you on next stage and the documents required.

14. How long will it take for deployment?

    Within 6 months of passing B-1 level exam.

15. Is there any payment needed to be done for German Registration?

    Yes, there is fee for Registration. This is refunded by the employer.

16. Is there any agency fee?

    No, IITR always provides FREE RECRUITMENT. You do not have to pay any fee to IITR..

17. How much will be the basic income?

    A nurse who work as a registered Nurse in Germany will get salary of appx. Euro 2800 p.m.

    Once the nurse reaches Germany and is awaiting to pass B2 level she gets paid around Euros 2000 p.m

18. What is the overtime rate?

    The rate of overtime is based on your salary. It is calculated equivalent to the amount of salary you get per hour.

19. What's about and bonus for night shift and weekend?

    Night shifts and weekends depends on the employer to employer. However, a nurse will get extra of 20 - 40% on night shifts. Sunday's 30-50% extra.

20. Will I start working as a Registered Nurse immediately I move to Germany?

    You will start working as an Assistant nurse on arrival in Germany. Once you complete the B2 Level of German language and receive assessment from the nursing council in Germany you can start working as a Registered nurse.

21. Will they provide benefits like free accommodation, whether the hospital will provide accommodation?

    There is no free accommodation. However, the employer/our partner agency will help you find accommodation.

    The employer will assist you in finding the accommodation before you move to the Germany. However, the rent will be paid by you.

22. Do the people in Germany understand English language?

    Appx. 50% of Germans understand English language. However, working in Healthcare it become mandatory to have good local language communication skills. Also, many elder Germans do not speak English.

23. Is German language hard to learn?

    You can learn language upto B1 level in around 6 month.

24. How much will be the Total expenses for the process for Germany?

    The recruitment from IITR is free. We don't charge any fee from the candidate. You need to bear your expense for the language training tuition fee and the exam. most of the expenses are refund by the Employer. Plus certified translations of the papers/documents (will be refunded).

25. How and who will be conducting Interview ?

    The interview will be done online by the Employer in English. We shall arrange your interview with them.

    You will then get a provisional job offer. You have a job/offer before you start learning German language.

26. Can I take my family with me ?

    You can take your family to Germany once you start working as a Registered Nurse. This may take around 6 months.

27. Am I eligible for any benefits like PR or Health insurance if I work in a Nursing home?

    Yes, you are eligible for both.

28. When will I get the PR ?

    You can get the PR once your complete at least 5 years of residency permit in Germany.

29. Can I go to visit other countries with German residence permit?

    Yes , German residence permit entitles you to travel to other Schengen countries.

30. When can I take my family along with me?

    Your family can come and visit you each year. They can join you permanently after 4 years.

31. Does the agency have a meet and greet program in the airport?

    Yes, the Employer/ our partners will arrange your " Meet & Greet"

32. What is the duration of my contract . Can I shift my job from the nursing home to a hospital once I reach there and get registration as an RN?

    Your initial contract is for three years. This can be renewed by mutual consent. If you choose to leave you may do so after completing 2 years of work as an RN.

    Please note that the 2 years is counted from the day you start work as an RN and not from arrival.