Thursday January 15th 2015
Information Sheet for Nurses

1. Job Profile

You will be assigned by the Health Service Executive to work with one of the Hospitals in Ireland. Ireland has one of the best healthcare services in the world.

As a registered nurse you are expected to deliver quality nursing service to the patients placed under your care.

2. Visa Status

The visa given to you come with a family status, which implies that you get family Visas and you can call your families over to join you, after completing your adaptation period.

You would be paid the same salary as a Nurses from Ireland , there is no discrimination. Your work experience in India as a Nurse, shall count towards establishing your salary scales.

Your spouses can work in Ireland. Once an employer offers them a job, the employer will apply for your spouses work permit.

3. Stages in Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is as follows:

Stage One. Pre-screening.

You will have to pass an interview, which will be conducted by our nursing recruiter.

Stage Two. Interviews.

In this stage the Recruitment teams from HSE( Ireland ) will interview you. This is a face to face interview where-in you will be asked about your experience in Nursing as well as you will be asked questions pertaining to general and specialty nursing skills. There will be no written test. At the end of the interview, you will be informed about your selection or otherwise.

Stage Three. An Bord Altranis Regsitrations

AN Bord Altranis application form must be completed on the day of Interview. IITR staff will help you. You must have 2 sets of notarized copies of all the required documents on the day of the interview. One for the An Bord Altranis and the other foer the Interviewer.


Stage Four. Work Permit.

As soon as you’re an bord Registration is complete, we will apply your work permit.

Stage Five. Medicals and Visas.

After getting your work permit, you will be required to under-go medical tests at designated medical centers. Once, HSE gives us your deployment date, you will be asked to submit your passport and documents in original to IITR to process your Visas. You should resign only after your deployment date has been received from HSE.

Stage Six. Flights.

IITR in consultation with our Ireland team will book your flights to Ireland. Our Irish partners ( NOC ) will arrange for your reception.

Stage Seven. Arrival in Ireland.

NOC will receive you at the airport and will take you to your accommodation. NOC will help you settle down and arrange for opening your bank account and arrange for your medicals etc. NOC will also conduct an orientation programme to assist you in settling down in the new environment.

4. Incidental Costs

This is a free recruitment. You do not have to pay for your recruitment. The HSE wil be paying the recruitment fee. However, you will have to incur expenses on the following:

Registration fee with An Bord Altranis ( Euros 126) Notarization and translation of documents. Postage for sending documents ( Fee for obtaining Verification of Nursing Forwarding the IELTS score, Employer references etc.)

You will have to pay for your medicals in India. The medicals, apart from the routine tests would include :

- Evidence of Hepatitis B
- Immunization Certificate against Rubella,Vericella
- Hepatitis C
- Evidence of current HIV/AIDS
- Evidence of current Rubella(IgM and IgG) antibodies status
- Evidence of Mantoux test
- Evidence of current Verisella (IgM and IgG)
- Evidence of chest X-Ray
- Visa fees.

5. Estimated Cost of living.

In the first 6 to 8 weeks, prior to your full registration, you do not pay for your accommodation. Therefore, you would be spending approximately Euros 700 to 800 to pay for Food, Bus fares and sundries. You will be paid maximum four weeks after arrival.

6. Amount to be carried at the time of deployment.

Candidates are advised to carry to Ireland upward of Euros 500For the initial expenses.

7. Remuneration prior to full Registrations.

Prior to full registration, which will take upto 6 to 8 weeks, Nurses would be paid on Student Nurse III scale which is Euro 22,012 per annum. Once registration is complete you, will be paid incremental scales. Candidates must carry their work experience certificates.

8. Accommodation.

For the first 6 to 8 weeks HSE will make arrangements and pay for your accommodation. Thereafter, the Nurses are to make their own arrangements. Do not worry about this. NOC will help you if you so desire. Also there are many overseas nurses living in Ireland who will be pleased to assist you in finding accommodation.