About Us


IIHCR is founded by a Veteran ( a Colonel & a paratrooper ). After 21 years of meritorious service in the Indian Army, he worked on a project of UN to source and deploy personnel of ex- Indian Armed Forces to work in administrative roles for UNPROFOR during the Bosnia Herzegovina war.

During this period he recognised the acute shortfall of healthcare professionals globally and how India could help clients fill up this acute shortage of healthcare professionals from India. Travelling across the globe to meet up with decision makers in the Healthcare sector to understand their needs and then modelled IIHCR , in 1999.

Since then, we’ve experienced exponential growth—expanding into new markets, growing our areas of expertise, and building our team to serve the diverse needs of our clients from the Healthcare sector.

IIHCR now for works with over 200 Hospitals and Healthcare services in over 13 countries including the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, S. Africa etc. and a host of other countries.

When it comes to our partners—we’re fully invested in their success. When we work together, no opportunity is out of reach.

It is our commitment to make it possible for Hospitals and Healthcare services in different countries to reach the right talent in healthcare faster.

Our team of recruiters is the most qualified and talented, and our hiring fees are also cost- effective and very reasonable. Contact us to learn more about charges, service terms and conditions.