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  • Radiologist

    7000 USD- 9000 USD
  • Pediatrician

    Saudi Arabia
    12,000 SAR P.M- 15,000 SAR P.M
  • Radiologist

    Saudi Arabia
    18000- 21000
  • Pediatrician

    Saudi Arabia
    12000- 15000
  • Consultant Hematologist

    93,666 - 126,281
  • Consultant Neurologist

    93,666 - 126,281
  • Consultant Radiologist

    93,666 - 126,281
  • Respiratory Consultant

    93,666- 126,281
  • Consultant Gastroenterology

    93,666 - 126,281
  • Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

    93,666 - 126,281
  • Consultant Psychiatrist

    93,666 - 126,281
  • Online interview opportunity for Doctors (Internal Medicine) in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia
    15000 SAR- 20000 SAR
  • Online interview opportunity for Doctors (General Practitioner) in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia
    7000 SAR- 8000 SAR
  • Pediatrician

    3,32,906 INR- 4,00,000 INR
  • Doctors

    GBP 40000- GBP 80000

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NZ Registration Process

Doctors for UK


Working as a doctor in the UK can offer several advantages and opportunities. Here are some reasons why many doctors choose to work in the UK:

The UK has a well-established and reputable healthcare system, with the National Health Service (NHS) being one of the largest and most respected healthcare systems globally.

The UK offers excellent opportunities for professional development and continuous learning like training programs, conferences, and research opportunities that can enhance their medical knowledge and skills.

The UK provides a clear career progression path for doctors, with various opportunities for specialization and advancement.

Doctors in the UK receive competitive salaries and benefits, which can vary depending on factors such as experience, specialty, and location. The NHS offers a comprehensive benefits package, including pension schemes, paid annual leave, and access to healthcare benefits.

The UK is known for its advancements in medical research and innovation. Doctors working in the UK have access to cutting-edge research facilities, collaborations with leading institutions, and opportunities to contribute to medical advancements and discoveries.

The demand for overseas doctors in the UK NHS (National Health Service) remains significant. Recognizing the demand for overseas doctors, the UK NHS offers various pathways and support programs to facilitate their recruitment and integration into the healthcare system. These initiatives aim to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care while providing opportunities for overseas doctors to develop their careers in the UK.

Applying for a job in the UK offers multiple pathways and options:

MTI (Migration Training Initiative)

The Royal College ‘ MTI scheme provides sponsorship for GMC registration and Tier 5 visa support, allowing international medical graduates (IMGs) to access short-term training opportunities in the UK.

Eligibility to apply for this position –


• MRCP (UK) part 1 (or relevant specialty exam), MD or other higher degree in medicine or a medical subspecialty.

• 3 years of post-qualification experience

(including 1 year internship and at least 1 year in the specialty in which you intend to train whilst in the UK).

• You must have been in clinical practice for 3 out of the last 5 years including the 12 months prior to GMC registration having being granted. There should be no gaps in employment.

• IELTS/ OET – 7 in each module with O/A – 7.5 OR ‘B’ in each module

For More information - please visit ,The%20application%20process,respond%20within%20ten%20working%20days.


Several UK trusts offer structured fellowship training programs lasting two to three years for overseas doctors.

To be eligible for these positions, the following criteria are typically considered:

  • Min. 2 years of experience
  • IELTS/ OET – 7 in each module with O/A – 7.5 OR ‘B’ in each module

The Trust sponsors successful candidates for GMC registration upon completion of the interview process and fulfilment of the required compliance criteria necessary to apply for GMC registration.

Being a Junior Doctor (FY2/ CT1-CT2/ ST1-ST2)

Middle Grade Doctor (ST1-ST8)

Also known as Specialty Registrars. Clinical Fellow. Sr. Clinical Fellow

You must meet the below criteria


- Relevant clinical experience, ideally including postgraduate training in a specific medical specialty. The level of experience required may vary depending on the specific position and specialty

- Full GMC Recognized qualifications like MRCP/ MRCS (as per the specialty) For more information on qualification accepted by the GMC, click here apply/acceptable-postgraduate-qualifications

- GMC General Registration


You must meet the below criteria


Relevant clinical experience of min. 8 years.

- GMC Recognized qualificaitons like MRCP/ MRCS (as per the specialty)


- On GMC Specialist Register