Sourcing qualified and experienced healthcare talent is a global challenge being faced by most of the countries. Quick and efficient placement of qualified professionals in critical positions is crucial.

The advantage is that you've come to the right company.

At IIHCR, we comprehend this challenge and have tailored our teams, processes, and systems to ensure our clients swiftly receive the ideal employees that align with their specific needs and requirements.

India International Healthcare Recruiters (IIHCR) stands out as a premier healthcare placement company in India. As a division of IITR, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting clients in sourcing exceptional talent within the healthcare sector for more than two decades.

Our team comprises over 50 consultants, each a healthcare professional specializing in various fields. With expertise in Europe, North America, Far East, and the Middle East, we diligently arrange the most suitable talent for our clients.

With offices located throughout the country, we possess unparalleled access to an extensive pool of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and more. This enables us to provide our clients with a wide range of exceptional candidates for their healthcare staffing needs

With client satisfaction as our top priority, IIHCR offers complete, comprehensive, and seamless recruitment services, ensuring a stress-free experience from sourcing to successful deployment. We take care of the entire process, prioritizing efficiency and ensuring a smooth journey for our clients.

IIHCR annually facilitates the recruitment of over a thousand healthcare professionals, aiding hospitals, healthcare departments, nursing homes, and others in filling critical vacancies within their frontline staff. We strive to be instrumental in addressing their crucial staffing needs in the healthcare sector.

Our services are characterized by a high level of transparency and ethics. To date, we have successfully recruited and deployed over 18,000 healthcare professionals. Importantly, we never charge any fees to the candidates, ensuring fairness and accessibility in our recruitment process.


  • We have 23 years’ experience in the recruitment of healthcare staff.
  • Our team are run by healthcare professionals who understand the client needs.
  • Great pool of talent from the healthcare sector
  • We respect your time and understand the importance of putting forward, only the right fit.
  • Quick response. All queries are replied to within 24 hours.
  • Our deployment teams take charge of the documentation, Visas and the entire deployment process.
  • Highly transparent and ethical dealings.